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PMI Study Groups

PMI Belgium is launching Online Study Groups for people preparing for PMP and CAPM certification exams. The Study Groups will kick off on 21st of January for PMP candidates and 23rd for CAPM candidates.

Study Groups are known as one of the most effective ways to prepare for PMP/CAPM certification examinations. The burden of preparation is made lighter in such forum as participants can leverage each other's best study tips. Moreso, participating in Study Groups helps overcome the problem of procrastination as it enforces some sense of commitment.

Preparing for the PMP exam can be a difficult on your own but can be made much easier of you study with other people. Studying in a group also introduces both new and different perspectives and ideas and most important you are committed to each other to learn achieve your goal of certification and avoid procrastinate.

Many PMI chapters have been organising Study Groups (mainly CAPM, PMP) and continue to do so and therefore PMI Belgium can learn from these initiatives.

The Online Study Groups’ Set-up

  • Participants will connect remotely via Google Hangouts or Skype.
  • It will hold once a week for a total of 15 weeks - each week being dedicated to each knowledge area.
  • The last 2 weeks will be used for review and exam readiness assessment.
  • Each Study will constitute maximum 6 people.

What is an online Study Group?

This group normally involves several people in various locations connecting via Skype or Google Hangouts/Groups to regularly meet and share their learning. Online study groups have become more popular as people can participate from home and avoid extra time in traffic.

How to Apply – Click HERE

Study Group Leaders

Study Group commitment

All participants must be willing to study and help each other. Do not worry about the level off your project management experience as this does not matter. You are very welcome to join if you can follow and also share your ideas on a number of sections of the syllabus.

Terms & conditions

This is a study group where people can help each other to study. Therefore, the Study Group cannot commit to exam success, offer PDU’s or official PMI training.

Confidentiality agreement

All participants will also be asked to sign a PMI Belgium volunteer form to take part in a Study Group and this will include a confidentiality agreement.