Member Benefits

PMI Global Community Benefits

As a member of the PMI Global Community the following benefits will come your way:

  • Monthly PM Network magazine (printed or digital) containing a lot of down-to-earth testimonials from project managers all over the globe (also available as an app)
  • Monthly PMI Today gazette containing the latest news about the PMI as an organization, upcoming events and highlights of the past events
  • Quarterly Project Management Journal contains a lot of white papers on both the theoretical and practical side of project management
  • Certification exams (PMP, CAPM, etc) are being offered at a discounted price for the members (also certification renewals are discounted)
  • Access to the electronic versions of the current and previous foundational standards (PMBOK, SPM, OPM3, …) or receive a discount when purchasing the printed version
  • Access to the electronic versions of the current and previous foundational standards (PMBOK, SPM, OPM3, …) or receive a discount when purchasing the printed version
  • Access to PMI Marketplace and webinars
  • Etc.

Please take a look at the following link for additional information on the benefits when becoming a membe

PMI Belgium Chapter Benefits

If you are registered as a member of the PMI Belgium Chapter you will become an active member of a big family that can contribute to and participate actively in a diverse range of activities.

  • Six times a year we organize a Chapter event in which a specific project management topic is presented. This can vary from a theoretical explanation to a ‘real-life’ experience and everything in between. Check the website for the dates and topics.
  • Every year we have the PM Fair, previously known as the PMI Belux day, in which a project management theme fulfills the central role. For sure a memorable event in an international context.
  • Every event is preceded and followed by networking opportunities.
  • We also provide the possibility to get involved as a volunteer in the organization of the chapter (position in the board, part of a local workgroup, participate in the organization of the PM Fair, etc).
  • And a lot more to come ….

European Study Group Launch

By Susanna Cobucci

Finally, after  quite a long waiting period, 2020 European Study Group finally started on May 28th in the form of a Zoom webinar, with a general presentation by one of the organizers from PMI Poland-Finland chapters. A renewed explanation about exams details, PMI rules and procedures regarding PMP certification requirements and other organisational aspects were the object of the first meeting.


With about 180 participants coming from all over Europe, but also from Colombia and the United States, Study groups have become a course, not just an exchange meeting. Lecturers have undergone quite a demanding selection among multiple PMP laureates candidates and PMI Belgium, this is probably a nice surprise for everybody, will have a lecturer too, represented by Nathalie Vives. 

Selected by the PMI Poland-Finland organisational board to lecture in the class on ‘Stakeholders engagement’, which is going to be held on June 30th, Nathalie is a senior project manager in clinical research in Brussels and we are very proud of her presence. We compliment her for her courage and capacity.

Three sessions have taken place so far. Gabriel Szneider, president of PMI Poland, was the first lecturer. His exposure was an extremely knowledgeable and outright presentation of commonly difficult and tricky concepts and vocabulary throughout the entire PMbok and, he analysed different types of exam questions to be aware of. Therefore, multiple suggestions and considerations.

A younger project manager also from PMI Poland lectured second class. Ms Beata Basta treated about Scope management. Presentation was quite short, but, always by slides support, summarized main points. A bit neophyte to public speaking, she fostered people’s motivation explaining how long PMP preparation can take, involving lots of resistance and persistency and she also gifted the audience with a coupon to practice Udemy PMP questions for free.

PMP Study group - Final report

By Susanna Cobucci

PMP Study group have ended their sessions on July 9th, not without a bit of regret on the part of the 90 participants (28 from Belgium), who had assiduously occupied 2 evenings of their week, starting from May 28, creating a real working group and even a community of practice.  I was personally surprised by the strong organisation, both logistically and technically speaking and thank Robert Chmara and Krzysztof Moskwa, respectively from PMI Poland and Finland, for their excellent commitment.


Lecturers were very engaged as well and prepared catchy slides in order to exemplify concepts and schematize the numerous processes through concise lessons of about one hour. An additional hour was dedicated to Q&A sessions and to examination questions samples.

Same lecturers were quite prestigious, as Mr Rouzebeth Kotobzadeh, who had been of the reviewers of PMbok guide V6 edition. Seniors were able to provide the public with concrete experiences and that was unique because purchased videos do not dedicate much time to small practice. All of them gave their own email for further needs and questions. Amazing was also the participative atmosphere, which looked active and enthusiast throughout the twelve sessions. Finally, an intensive and successful experience!


What Did Volunteering Mean to Me?

My first 2 years of volunteering with PMI Belgium Chapter will end this month and like every end of the year moment, I took time to think back and now share with you a list of things I am very grateful for after this experience:

  • I made friends: even if it was the most “online” period ever I can say Renuka, Giuseppe, Tim, Mark became colleagues and dear people to meet for dinner but also to count on!
  • I enlarged my professional network: during all meetings there were so many people I could listen to and interact with 
  • I learned about Project Management: while I had to publish the newsletter I had to read a lot of content (special thanks to Frank:) that I would have procrastinated 
  • I learned about marketing and communications: I used tools for digital marketing for creating materials and strategies of communication
  • I became part of the Board of a prestigious international organization
  • I practiced my writing skills: it is always a pleasure to write somethingthat might be interesting or useful to such a smart audience as the PMI members
  • I became more efficient: it is true that when volunteering you focus better
  • I got to collaborate closely with experts of different areas: I had the pleasure to hear and then collaborate with many experts
  • I got appreciation at work: PM and marketing expertise are a great addition to my core professional skills
  • I got a richer CV: practicing writing and digital marketing skills are a great plus 

For all these and many others THANK YOU PMI BELGIUM CHAPTER!


Gabriela Sotirca

Associate Director of Communication


“Mood Matrix” Tool in Change Management

Our Masterclass Managing Change workshop in Antwerp brought together project and change management professionals that were interested in how organizations better plan can change in an unpredictable context.

The main topics were the faster and faster rhythm that changes have in our world today and how to plan, execute, and manage change and transformation processes in a digital environment.

The workshop put together occasions for the participants to practice about efficient change management and communication in remote teams, but also about stakeholder management.

In the words of our participants:

“It was a very interactive event which gave the opportunity to combine learning and networking very effectively. I especially liked the "mood matrix", which can be a handy tool in stakeholder identification, but especially stakeholder management during the lifecycle of the project. What I also liked is the fact that the project manager and change manager roles need to be working very closely together. They need to create and maintain an integrated project schedule, considering each other's dependencies”.

Francis Moeris | LinkedIn

PMI Belgium Member


The Bayard Partnership | Interim-, change and project management