Buy Chapter Event Vouchers

It is our pleasure to propose you to purchase our Chapter Event Vouchers.

Why would you purchase Chapter Event Voucher?

  1. You are connecting with the chapter sporadically and you prefer to purchase a chapter event entrance than taking a Full PMI and Chapter membership
  2. You want to invite a colleague or friend
  3. Because most of the value I get from PMI is coming from the chapter and you do not want to become a PMI member;

The vouchers are valid during a period of 12 months and can be used on any of the chapter events (not valid for the PM Fair).

You may use it for yourself and/or inviting a friend using a second voucher.

Take the advantage of purchasing a 6 vouchers package including a rebate of 50% compared to the normal voucher price.

Vouchers are NOT reimbursable!

PS: The production of the voucher may take up to two weeks after payment.

Voucher Packages

Price (Excl. VAT)


1 Chapter Event Voucher

With this voucher you may register for one Chapter Event.



6 Chapter Event Vouchers

Each voucher allows you to register for one Chapter Event.