Satellite Event - 29th of May 2018 at CMAST

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Introducing project management in small and medium sized enterprises: from chaos to order



 "Note: The venue for this event has changed. Please see below the new address."


Project and portfolio management, especially in small organizations is often seen as overhead which is too expensive, too process driven and slows down business. As project managers we know that project management actually acts as an enabler for business growth.

The first part of the session will walk you through the nature and challenges of small and medium sized enterprises and will showcase how the lack of solid project management fundamentals will limit your growth. Secondly, during an interactive workshop, we will show that - by focusing on certain business questions - you can convince the SME management of the value of project and portfolio management.

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 About CMAST

CMAST is a leading consultancy and project management company in life sciences.The company provides consultancy, project management and tangible business solutions to pharmaceutical and biotech companies, universities and research institutes.

CMAST is headquartered in Temse (Belgium) and has branches in Switzerland, Germany, Poland and the US. Since 2018 CMAST is part of Modis Life Sciences, a subdivision of The Adecco Group.


  • 18:30 – Registration & Welcome Drink/Sandwiches 
  • 19:00 – Presentation: managerial challenges in SMEs
  • 19:30 – Workshop explaining project management advantages for SMEs
  • 20:45 – Conclusion and Q&A
  • 21:00 – Reception/networking
  • 21:30 – Get Back Home Safely

New Venue

Frans Boelplein 15

9140 Temse


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