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PMI Global Community Benefits

As a member of the PMI Global Community the following benefits will come your way:

  • Monthly PM Network magazine containing a lot of down-to-earth testimonials from project managers all over the globe
  • Monthly PMI today gazette containing the latest news about the PMI as an organization, upcoming events and highlights of the past events.
  • 3-Monthly Project Management Journal contains a lot of white papers on both the theoretical and practical side of project management
  • Certification exams (PMP, CAPM, etc) are being offered at a discounted price for the members
  • etc.

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PMI Belgium Chapter Benefits

If you are registered as a member of PMI Belgium you will become an active member of a big family that can contribute to and participate actively in a diverse range of activities.

  • Every two months we organize an event in which a specific project management topic is being presented from ‘real-life’ experience.
  • Every year we have the PM Fair, previously the PMI Belux day, in which we present a project management theme. For sure a memorable event in an international context.
  • Every year we also have the Open PMI Chapter. This special chapter meeting is open for all non-PMI members without invitation. Announcements are being made in nationwide publications and the topic very often about project management in not so obvious area’s (in 2007 the open chapter meeting had the theme: backstage@broadway).
  • Every event is proceeded and followed by networking opportunities
  • We also provide the possibility to participate (volunteer) into local workgroups (for example we always need additional hands and heads for organizing the Benelux day)
  • And a lot more to come ….

Sample Benefits

Becoming a member of PMI gives you unparalleled access to powerful tools, exclusive services, and information and networking opportunities to further your career, including:

Members also receive discounts on:

And access to exclusive publications and information to members, including:

Note: By joining PMI, you agree to adhere to the PMI's Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

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