Chapter Event - 8th of March 2018 - Liège

Dear Members,

We have the pleasure to invite you to our second Chapter Event 2018. CMI has proposed to host this event which will take place on their main site at Seraing.


About CMI:

Based from the beginning in the former castle of the Prince-Bishops of Liège, where John Cockerill was established in 1817, CMI Group continues the tradition of this industrial genius who, throughout his whole life, sparked off the remarkable economic future for Wallonia (Belgium). Always in contact with foreign countries and driven by diversified interests, John Cockerill was a great industrial explorer, who continues today to inspire his successors with a taste for entrepreneurship and the determination to surpass oneself. (more information here).

Planning of the event:

  • 18:30 – Registration
  • 19:00 – CMI Introduction 
  • 19:40 – Speaker: Patrice Blanchard “10 ways to get hated as a Project Manager”
  • 20:45 – PMI Board messages
  • 21:00 - Cocktail - networking
  • 23:00 – End of session

Presentation abstract:

Based on real experience and entertaining anecdotes, this speech will present you manipulation techniques but also efficient way of climbing the hierarchy while ensuring program failure.
It is important to understand what not to do, to make sure we act the right way or to make sure we identify correctly the risk of working with someone else. Everyone should be able to identify the risk to ba able to avoid the issue afterwards.
Without respect, without communication and without an open mind, a project success is just a dream and the project will very rapidly become a nightmare for the manager, the team or both.
There is hope and it is possible to counter horrible managers. It is also possible for us to become better managers because unfortunately, we also have these bad habits.


Avenue Greiner 1, 4100 Seraing


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