Sweet dreams with Smart GDPR


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Sweet dreams with Smart GDPR
Keynote speaker
Mr. Philippe De Backer
Secretary of State for Privacy

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Apogado and Knowliah are proud to present a pragmatic solution to turn GDPR into a true opportunity to optimize your business and comply with legal obligations.



Welcome and sandwich lunch


Keynote on the meaning of GDPR for Belgium by Philippe De Backer - Secretary of State for Privacy


Field observations and structure of a total approach


Pragmatic solutions to:

  • check compliance with Agoria‚Äôs GDPR Compass
  • implement data subject rights
  • detect and manage GDPR-sensitive information
  • implement GDPR-compliant business processes and governance


Wrap-up - Q&A


Coffee and networking

The event will be presented by:
Koert Van Espen, Managing Partner of Apogado and active in the information security and privacy business for over 25 years.
Hans Van Heghe, Managing Director and founder of Knowliah and active in information and knowledge management for over 25 years; author of the book "Knowledge Centric Management".
Erika Buyens, Chief Expert General Regulations Agoria, who has thorough expertise with the practical implementation of data protection & privacy questions and a profound understanding of data protection concerns in different industries and sizes of companies.

Date & Venue:

Tuesday, 27 June 2017 at 11.45h
Bluepoint Brussels
Bvd. A. Reyerslaan 80
1030 Brussels

Parking is available in the Bluepoint Building

Contact Details:

Leuvensesteenweg 282c
3190 Boortmeerbeek
+32 15 61 85 45

Nattehofstraat 338
2800 Mechelen
+32 15 80 06 20

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