To benefit from these sponsoring opportunities, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The sponsoring team will be happy to walk you through the practical aspects and clarify any questions you might have.

Thanks to our well-developed community PMI Belgium is your prime partner for targeting the professional project management community in Belgium.

For many years we have offered various ways for companies to invest in our ever growing community.  Indeed, it is in large part due to the many appreciated sponsors that invest in our organization and the people they believe in, that PMI Belgium is able to nurture and develop even further the community of project managers in Belgium.   PMI Belgium has listened carefully to your valuable feedback and, as a result, is pleased to now make available four sponsoring opportunities to completely cover the various needs of our company-partners.  

As a PMI Belgium sponsor, you can benefit from:

- Broad reach through our direct e-mailing, the PMI website and press coverage;

- Easy communication to our well-developed professional community;

- Direct access to our chapter events audience;

- Direct connection to more than 1.000 professional Project Managers, and through them to their companies and their business contacts.

The above benefits are realized through four sponsoring packs:

  • Bronze: You will receive standard visibility.
  • Silver:  You will receive a high level of visibility, standard user community interaction and support from the PMI Belgium management team.
  • Gold:  You will receive a very high level of visibility, customized interaction and instant support from the PMI Belgium management team. You will receive outstanding recognition involving continuous brand exposure and standard opportunities for direct interaction.
  • Diamond: You will get prestigious promotion during the PMI Belgium events and in the PMI Belgium official communications. You will receive the highest level of visibility, the most customized service and instant support from the PMI Belgium management team. You'll benefit from permanent brand exposure and customized opportunities for direct interaction.

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