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Sponsor Message from Inova Prime

Governance.Business: giving project managers space to breathe


InovaPrime was one of the sponsors of the PM Fair 2018 which for us was a very energetic and interesting experience. For those members who were there: thank you for attending and visiting our booth. InovaPrime would also like to thank the PMI event volunteers who were as enthusiastic as they were well organized, helping all attendees where they could.
During the Fair we demonstrated our solution Governance.Business and we had some interesting conversations. Some attendees told us that they have no real system in place that would simplify their lives in areas such as reporting, business alignment, demand and resources management. We gave some of the attendees a short demonstration on how Governance.Business helps project and portfolio managers to get better visibility and control over their investments, projects and programs. How it makes it easy and simple to submit and maintain project data, to manage demand and resources, to analyze and mitigate risk and to make reports.

To take the last point – generating reports – as an example: as we also heard during the event, this is still a big challenge for project managers and others in the delivery cycle. Many companies still use MS Excel and a myriad of other tools to submit, maintain and control project management data. Generating reports is therefore a time-consuming effort, while - as we showed during some of the demos - this can also be done with a few clicks, showing the data and the charts in an instant in clear dashboards or exported as PDF’s or Powerpoint’s. Fully automated real time information based on reliable data. This gives project managers not only more space to breathe, but also elevates their role as facilitators of strategic information supporting themselves and others to make the right decisions at the right time.

Governance.Business developed by InovaPrime is an unique & innovative product in a sense that it inhibits years of knowledge of some of the best portfolio management professionals in the field combined with - among other - ease of use, flexible workflow and very low cost. We are happy to demonstrate the solution to PMI Members who didn’t attend the PM Fair. Please contact Rene Feyth, Business Developer: +31 (0) 622753132 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Websites: &