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ceo of me slideProject Managers, of all professionals, are used to navigating through different projects and different environments. Many of them already mix home working with self-employment and short term contracts so their flexibility and capacity to manage their daily professional and personal task is very high.

The book of Ellen Ernst Kossek and Brenda L. Lautsch called CEO of Me is a great resource about work-life patterns and an invitation for us to understand better our type of “flexstyle”.

Dmitrii Ilenkov, PMP

April, 2020 

Why are risks important for project manager?

Risks exist in every project. We may have a prudent risk management system or we can ignore them: in both cases risks will occur, they don't really care what we think of them.

Risks are not so banal: it is not about we fail or we succeed. Risks are various and are numerous. For example, a minor risk may cause a delay of one day. But what if we face 10 of those minor risks? Our project would be far beyond the schedule.

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