My name is Juan and I would like to share my experience of the GROW Mentoring Program.
I joined the program as a Mentee and I was matched with a Mentor who had a lot of experience.
I learned a lot from my Mentor about Project Management and it helped me to get my certification.
It also allowed me to get more insight into what to do in my career,  For me, it was a unique opportunity to learn from an experienced person.
This whole experience as a Mentee and the lessons that I learned from it are priceless for me. I got so motivated by it that I decided to voluntteer for the GROW project .
I would recommend everyone to take part in the GROW project. With my experience, I can say that it is worth it.
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Interview with: Katherina SwingsKatherina Swings Portret

LinkedIn:           LinkedIn Profile

Interview by:  Frank Turley 

Date:               June 2019

Job Title:         Teams and Leadership


Katherina's mission is to create a sustainable world by connecting people to discover each other’s strengths. This is a short interview where I presented some questions about project managers and teams. 

  1. What are some of the common team issues that appear in teams?  ...
  2. What advice would you give to a PM who has just started a project with a new team? ...
  3. How should a PM monitor the team during the project ? ...
  4. Can a PM influence the success of the project by selecting his or her team members wisely? ...
  5. What advise do you have for team members ?...

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