Interview with: Stijn Van de Vonder

Interview by:    Frank Turley 

Date:                June 2018 

Job Title:        Director- Primaned Belgium



Who is Stijn Van de Vonder?

I work for BMS at the Princeton, New Jersey, USA location.  In addition to working for BMS, I am an Adjunct Professor at Villanova University, teaching various Project Management classes.  I am also the Executive Vice President & Past President of the PMI Delaware Valley Chapter.  Our chapter supports 3500 members in Southeastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, and parts of Maryland. 


1) What type of project do you do?

Me and my colleagues are involved in complex projects with budgets ranging from 50 million euros to multiple billions of euros. We mostly work on projects in engineering & construction or in the pharmaceutical industry.

2) How are megaprojects different than typical projects?

Interview by: Frank Turley

With:              Ivo Velitchkov

Date:               September 2019

Essential Balances in Organisations


Frank: Let’s start directly with what are Essential Balances in Organisations?

Ivo: We are used to call organisations only the formal ones – companies, agencies, institutions, clubs. But this form of production is quite new, hardly a couple of centuries old. If we look a bit broader at things that have organisation, not only at those that are organisations, we can learn a lot. And there are good and bad news here.

Frank: What are the good ones?