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Interview with:            Kamil Mroz

Job Title:                    Senior Program Manager & PM Capabilities Lead (MSAT)

LinkedIn:                    LinkedIn Profile

Interview by:                Frank Turley 

Date:                           November 2019


Kamil is currently working at GSK in Belgium as Senior Program Manager & PM Capabilities Lead (Manufacturing Science and Technology). He is deeply involved and passionate about contributing to the PM community by regularly speaking at PM conferences, actively contributing to publications and enthusiastically sharing his experience with the next generation of project managers. Since 2016, he is also organizing a monthly networking event for PMs in Belgium called "Pint of PM". Already in 2013, he received the prestigious International Project Management Association (IPMA) Young PM of the Year Award for outstanding leadership and project management excellence, and since then he has been part of the yearly Global IPMA Jury to select future winners. 

1) What was the name of the award you won?

Since 1974, the prestigious PMI Professional Awards have honoured organizations and individuals whose passion, talent, and expertise have made the greatest contributions to the project management profession or to PMI. PMI Research and Academic Awards recognize those who have made sustained or significant contributions through research or literature. PMI Educational Foundation Awards recognize the outstanding contributions of project managers and students.

The award that I won was the Young Professional Award.  This award recognizes and honours young professionals who have made a significant impact in advancing project management within an organization, advancing the knowledge and understanding of the practice of project management, and demonstrating an understanding of PMI standards, practices and ethics.

2) Why do you think you won this

My peers nominated me for demonstrating drive and commitment to advancing project management. Especially, acting as an Ambassador for the next generation of project managers and actively sharing my experience to empower others to accelerate their careers. Over the last 5 years, I have been extremely active in giving workshops, lectures and presentations at various global project management conferences - and have been a speaker at the PM Fair twice. I have certified many PRINCE2 project managers, and have presented in front of thousands of project managers to inspire them to go beyond their comfort zones and become more than just Project Managers, but true Project Leaders.

Moreover, I have been coordinating the “Pint of PM” seminar sessions in Belgium, which is advancing the knowledge and understanding of project management practices through monthly seminars. The initiative has connected hundreds of Project Managers over the course of the last few years and has helped to garner wide interest in project management, and reinforced the existing PMI community events with interesting knowledge-sharing & networking. What I have been able to achieve in such a short period is quite impressive, requiring the right leadership, engagement & stakeholder management skills. There is now a community of PM professionals eager to attend the next “Pint of PM” events in Belgium – a true community initiative. This is not an easy task and requires strong organization and leadership skills in order to convince interesting speakers to participate pro-bono. We have been able to attract high level speakers, such as Reinhard Wagnar (Former IPMA Global President), Thomas Walenta (PMI Fellow), Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez (Former PMI Chairman) and many more.

Not to mention that I have been part of the Steering Committee Member for the ISPE Community of Practice for Project Management (Benelux) for the last 2 years. The PM COP plays a leading role in contributing to the development of this capability by applying a structured approach of project management best practices and by bringing together the knowledge of experienced professionals within the Life Science Industry.

3) What was the award ceremony like?

What an unforgettable evening – the excitement, the suspense! And I had the honour to meet the CEO and founder of the Project Management Institute.

One of my favourite moments though was to re-connect with my great friend Cristian Soto from Bolivia. We are from different corners of the world but work together to advance the project management profession. In 2013, Cristian and I were also competing for the IPMA Young Project Manager of the Year award in Dubrovnik, Croatia. At that time he was a guest at my table cheering me on as we celebrated that moment together. It’s incredible, truly incredible the life-long friends that we make from being active in professional membership organizations.

KM 1

And of course, the icing on the cake was being honoured with the "best of the best" professional excellence award for my efforts in advancing project management! Thank you Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez, Frank Turley and Nader K. Rad for your support, guidance and believing in me! #pmi50 #projectmanagement

4) What were the other awards handed out?

 The PMI Awards Gala dinner is an annual celebration of project, program, and portfolio management – and the industry stars who are not only changing the profession and their organizations, but enabling the evolution of their communities and the business landscape. Based on nominations from our global membership, PMI and the PMI Educational Foundation honoured those who represent the best of the best from across the world of project management.

The full list of winners from all of the categories can be found here:

5) What is next from Kamil from a learning or project point of view?

Leadership Development, Emotional intelligence and evolving from Project Manager to Project Leader!  Here is an interview I did with Rob from the Ireland Chapter explaining a few learnings:

KM 2

KM 2

 Interview on Change Management 

 By:    Frank Turley

 With: Ransford Mensah

 Date: October 2019 


Question 1: What is Change Management (CM) 

Change Management is the process of helping people to successfully adopt a change. It is the coordination of a transition period to move from one situation to the other in achieving a required business outcome. In change management, we ask the question is the solution being embraced, adopted and practised?

Question 2: What is the relationship between CM and Project Management? 

Change Management and Project Management focus on different aspects of project success. While Change Management is more concerned in transitioning individuals in an organisation from one state to the next, project management’s concentration is on the processes and activities required to complete a project. 

Although the two vary, they are both necessary in order to successfully execute a project.  

I will say they are interlinked and the processes in Change Management can be linked to that of project management. For example, The Prosci 3-Phase Process which is: 

    • Phase 1 – Preparing for Change
    • Phase 2 – Managing Change
    • Phase 3 – Reinforcing Change

Can be mapped to the five main project stages:  

    • Initiating
    • Planning
    • Executing
    • Monitoring and controlling
    • Closing

A project manager needs to understand both disciplines and make a conscious effort to align them to ensure a successful project.  

Question 3: Who is normally the Change Management leader in a company?    

Change management is normally an all-inclusive system that includes executives, senior leaders, managers and supervisors. I will say the change management leader is the one person who can communicate effectively, collaborate with team members and shows a strong sense of commitment. Any individual with these qualities is a good candidate for change management leader. 

Question 4: What are some common mistakes  

All projects involve a degree of change. The mistake project managers make is that they put much concentration on project activities and processes forgetting it is people that are going to perform these tasks, so, therefore, it is logical to manage them in order for them to give out their best. It is in this situation that change management is key.

Change management complements the project management process by supporting the human side of the project. See it as the “yeast” in the ”bread”.

Question 5: What are some best practices (principles) when it comes to CM 

Some of the known principles in CM are Kurt Lewin’s three-step “Unfreeze-Change-Refreeze” model, Prosci’s ADKAR® Model and Kotter’s 8-Step Model of Change. Another is the Prosci 3-Phase Process. 

In development work, there is a relatively new process called PDIA (Problem Driven Iterative Adaptation), which is a popular approach for managing changes in developing countries. 

Question 6: What a Project Manager should know about CM 

Every project has some uncertainty, which not well managed can lead to anxiety, confusion, and resistance from the stakeholders who may not have a full understanding of the need for the change or how to adopt and adapt to the newly introduced process. 

Therefore, project and change management needs to work hand in hand in order to ensure a project’s long-term success. 



About Ransford Mensah

Dr. Ransford Mensah is the Change Management Advisor on a USAID e-Government project in Liberia, West Africa. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Ghana. He received his Master of Science in Engineering Business Management from Coventry University in the UK in 2012 and PhD in Information Systems from the University of Southern Queensland, Australia in 2019. His research interest includes Information Technology Service Management (ITSM), Project Management and Change Management.

Ransford is a seasoned IT professional with comprehensive business / technical skills and expertise in process improvement, systems integration, requirements analysis, workflow design, project management, leadership, process modelling, testing/ quality.





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