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Interview with: Vasile Cirlig 

Job Title:          Project Manager

LinkedIn:          LinkedIn Profile

Interview by:    Frank Turley 

Date:               January 2020


Vasile has recently taken the PMP exam and has passed 😊, so what a great time for an interview to see how he prepared for this 4 hour marathon exam.

1) Why the PMP exam? 

The PMP certification is worldwide recognized and it provides knowledge that could be adapted to any type of project.

2) How did you study?

I’ve been preparing for the PMP exam using Rita Mulcahy’s Ninth Edition. I followed also an online PMP course designed by Management Plaza and I’ve been using a mobile app simulating the PMP exam. Besides that, the PMI-Belgium chapter organised a satellite event where certified PMP members shared their experience and offered tips on how to pass the PMP exam.

3) What were the easy chapters to learn from PMP book?

In my opinion, there are not easy chapters to learn, but perhaps Developing the Project chapter and the project management plan could be considered the most exciting to study.

4) What were the more difficult out of three parts? 

I found two challenging parts for me: Project Quality Management and Project Risk Management. These chapters require more attention as avoiding them in the real life, always leads to unexpected “surprises”. While reading these chapters, I was reflecting on how I could use some of the tools in my professional work.

5) Did you have a mentor? 

   : If yes, how did it go?

   : If no. what would make a good mentor?

A good mentor is an experienced professional who is oriented to convey his knowledge and wisdom to his mentees through an apprenticeship approach, letting to live and experience it first-hand until his mentee gets all theoretical and practical skills the mentor has acquired during his entire professional live.

6) What other support would like to have from PMI Belgium?

I would love to have more study case workshops, professional trainings/coaching and networking events. In addition to this, it would be nice to have more satellite events in Brussels where PMs could share their experience, network and build a community of active professionals.

7) Did you use an exam simulator?  - How was it? 

I’ve been using an exam simulator and it is quite challenging to sit for 4 hours to complete the exam. It is absolutely necessary to stay focused during the entire exam and to practice more on the exam simulator before proceeding to the exam itself.

8) What was your experience filling the PMP application form?

My PMP application form encountered pitfalls. There is an explanation how an application form should be complied but no example is provided. As a consequence, the application form was uncompleted. The PMP Belgium chapter members explained me the principle and showed me a few examples how it should be filled out. Based on their feedback, I’ve completed the application form and it was accepted.


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