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What about the PMBoK Guide 7th edition?

What about the PMBoK Guide 7th edition?

Lately, I have been getting more and more questions from members about the project management standards, the new PMBok 7th edition. Especially from our " anciens ", of which I have been a part for a while.

We could all still follow the PMBoK Guide 6th edition reasonably well. To make it clear, the project management processes were divided into five process groups and 10 knowledge areas. Attention was also paid to the Agile evolution in the market by adding an "Agile Practice Guide".

With the PMBoK Guide 7th edition, PMI opted for a different approach. Therefore, this edition shifts to a principles-based standard to support effective project management and focus more on intended outcomes, rather than deliverables. This is a result of our world working more according to the VUCA rules.

In my quest to give you answers to your questions, I came across an excellent video on YouTube by Ricardo Vargas. He gives an excellent explanation of what the PMBoK 7th edition can offer you. With the video, you can also download a nice overview of the PMBoK 7th edition. Therefore, I would like to thank Ricardo Vargas again.


I wish you much viewing pleasure while learning. YouTube: Ricardo Vargas Explains the PMBOK® Guide 7th Edition Published by PMI

Willem Van Mulders

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