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Webinar of the Month: May

By Frank Turley.

Each month I recommend a webinar to watch on as this is a wonderful resource provided by PMI and is available to PMI members.  

What I look for in a webinar?   

- Something new that looks at another side of project management  

- Good presentation skill that will not bore you to death   

Pick to Watch this month  

-  Webinar Title: Digital Transformation 2020s: The six technologies for every business leader

-  Time:   64 minutes 

-  Rating 4.8 

 Link to webinar 

Introduction to Webinar 

Businesses who were quick to embrace PC technology, and the mobile/cloud era that followed, put themselves at significant competitive advantage. The companies who take full advantage of the next era, the Spatial Computing Era, will further distance themselves from their competition. Spatial computing technologies create intimate connections between the digital and physical worlds. Their powerful capabilities significantly expand the number of business problems that can be solved with digital technology. Spatial computing will lead to exciting new products and services, enhance the way we work, streamline business operations, open new markets, and create new business models and revenue streams. Natural interfaces, machine vision, industry 5.0, hyper personalization, autonomous vehicles, blended realities, passenger drones, intelligent products, cobots, connected services, generative design, and augmented work are all covered in this fast-moving talk that reveals the incredible opportunity business leaders will face in the 2020s.



  • Learn more about Digital Transformation in 2020’s
  • Introduction to Spatial computing technologies

About Speaker:  Steve Brown  

Steve Brown is a futurist, author, entrepreneur, and strategic advisor with over 30 years of experience in high tech. Prior to building his own consulting business, he was Intel’s Chief Evangelist and worked in Intel Labs as a futurist.

Other May Webinars

Normally I have to look hard to find a good webinar each month and there were two goods one this month. The other one is:     

  • Mastering The Art of Creating a Resilient Mindset - Impossible is Just an Opinion: Link



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