By Frank Turley.

Each month I recommend a webinar to watch on as this is a wonderful resource provided by PMI and is available to PMI members.  

What I look for in a webinar?   

- Something new that looks at another side of project management  

- Good presentation skill that will not bore you to death   

Pick to watch this month  

-  Webinar Title: A Successful Business Strategy: Value Delivery

-  Time:   63 minutes 

-  Rating 4.7    

 Link to webinar  

Introduction to Webinar 

This is about projects that not only deliver a product on time, on budget, and on scope, but also value to customers. This webinar will start with defining value creation and value delivery to make a thriving business model and a happy customer. Then we will explore the two main ways that a product or service can offer value to customers.

  • The first way is value creation, to ensure that the product has the features that customers need, and they see value in. To do this, we will discuss prioritization techniques to ensure the highest priority features are delivered first, for every release.
  • The second way is value delivery, through value stream mapping and waste elimination while developing a product.

As a project manager, you need to understand where waste is created and look for ways to eliminate it in your processes. Lean processes combined with strong value delivery approaches will help your organization become successful long term.


  • Define value creation and value delivery
  • Describe prioritization of product features
  • Analyse how to create value and eliminate waste in your project process

About Speaker:  Joanna Tivig and Peter Monkhouse  

  • The presenters use a “easy to understand” terminology
  • They also give lots of examples which is great for easy learning

Other April Webinars

Except for picking up the above preferred webinar, this month was like being in a candy shop: it was hard to decide. Here are links to others I liked:

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  • Leadership in Hybrid Projects by Laura Lazzerini: Link
  • Unlocking your Adaptive Leadership - Case Study – Sanjay Rawatt: Link