PMI Belgium

Dear members,  
When thinking about the changes that happened in our work environment and in our lives lately, definitely makes us pay more attention to all aspects related to emotional intelligence.
Actually "emotional" can be considered "the word" for our experiences in the past year.
For these reasons we are happy to recommend this month a 60 minutes webinar that will go live on 24th of March, talking about "Leading with EQ in Virtual or Remote Environments".
While it reminds me of a previous one on the same topic this time it is mostly focused on the remote working.
The one we recommend now: will emphasize the steps to take for a leader to contribute to keeping virtual project teams "engaged and highly productive. 
The webinar is aiming to 3 learning outcomes:
 - Outline the 3 questions leaders need to constantly answer to their team members
 - Identify EQ skills needed to lead in virtual environments
 - Categorize how to respond to those unspoken questions from their teams
Looking forward to your opinions...

Gabriela Sotirca
Associate Director of Marketing & Communication