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The Secret of the Highly Creative Thinker – Dorte Nielsen & Sarah Thurber

Book review by Gabriela Sotirca

This book proposes a practical series of exercises to help us “make connections that others don’t”.

By starting with this old Chinese proverb, the authors are setting up the broader context for our need to train our creative thinking:

“When the winds of change blow,

Some build walls other build windmills.”

The four chapters of the book are all around connections, considered to be the foundation of creativity. 

The Secret of the Highly Creative Thinkerjune bookreviewFirst two focus on the definition of connections and some theories that the authors considered and researched, while the third and forth are offering tools and exercises to help enhancing our creativity.

The main concepts explained are those of divergent thinking (opening possibilities) and convergent thinking (narrowing options).

To quote the authors:

“Divergent thinking is standing in front of an open refrigerator and considering all the things and endless combinations of things you could possibly eat for lunch”.

“Convergent thinking is when you grab the ham and cheese, add the unexpected mango salad, and close the fridge.”

You can read the book almost by starting by any of the four parts. 
The 21 creativity exercises are part of the creativity boot camp proposed by the authors that any of us can practice successfully.

The book is full of interesting images and graphics that are intriguing, stimulating, but also fun to see.

dorte nielsen and sarah thurber

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