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How to find time and motivation to learn and develop

Should you be one of those who always wanted to find the time and motivation to learn more in order to improve skills and qualifications, this is the perfect period to start.

While a strict schedule rarely works, some tips to “find that time and motivation” might help...

  • What is not in your calendar, doesn’t exist, so make sure you schedule specific moments during the weekmotivation copia
  • Make sure your set-up realistic amounts of time, no longer than 90 minutes for a learning session, ideally 30
  • Find an instant reward after each session, might be that you take notes and share with friends or buy a Notebook that you plan to fill in during 1-month time or…the worse choice: a favorite sweet or drink treat😊
  • Don’t break the chain! Before starting, plan it all in a fun calendar where you mark a cross after every session and commit to never break the chain for 3 months or more
  • If you didn’t manage to respect your schedule during the day be creative and use some other moments, like when you have to que at the supermarket or wash the dishes and listen to your learning sessions

Here are some free learning resources for personal development

  • Top Universities offering free online courses here
  • 25 killer sites for free learning here
  • Free courses available through the Open University. Link
  • Free courses available on Future Learn. Link
  • 190 world universities have provided 600 courses for free. Link
  • 200 universities just launched 620+ free online courses. Link

For more interesting suggestion on “what to do” by yourself or with your family, here is my source


Gabriela Sotirca

Associate Director of Marketing & Communication

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