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Digital Transformation in Qatar Construction Projects

Interview by: Frank Turley

Interview: Aamir Dawawala

Introduction:  There is a lot of talk around Digital Transformation at the moment and recently I meet up with Aamir from Qatar who is involved in a number of projects and he agreed to answer some questions regarding Qatar construction projects and digital transformation.   


1) What type of project manager are you?  

I am a Senior Project Manager who has been managing different types of projects from the last 15 years in information technology (IT) and construction domains. Some of the project were related to IT transformation, Smart City Consultancy and implementation, Cloud implementation and transformation, Datacentre build and Fit-Out, Application Development, Research and Education network implementation and legacy System Integration to modern technologies.

2) How is Qatar supporting / advising new construction projects regarding DT? 

Qatar when it comes to technology are very serious and are investing heavily. They realize the future is in technology and are moving in the right direction. There are multiple Government initiatives and projects running in Qatar to ensure state of art technology in all new constructions are happening. I was recently involved in the biggest development project of almost 110 buildings built in the heart of Doha, full equipped with latest technology which is integrated in such a way that it gives utmost benefit to the city tenants and operators.


3) What is the vision for Qatar regarding DT?

Qatar wants to be best in digital transformation and has a vision to make the entire Qatar Smart and Digitalized with all government systems integrated. Qatar also has many digital incubation centres which supports entrepreneurs with great ideas to establish their own businesses to support themselves and the economy development.

4) Due to DT, what new considerations are you talking into account? 

Ministry of transportation and communication (Qatar) has recently launched an initiative called TASMU. This program will serve as a platform for the realization of a digital economy and a smart future. Qatar has planned to spend QAR 6 billion in the next 5 years to ensure the required technology and digital transformation is fully taken in to account for public and private sectors

5) Give three examples of Digital Transformation in construction?

Smart and connected building and cities, Use of Augmented reality to relate to the building designs prior to construction and transforming the project management processes towards blockchain technology to expedite the payment cycles and avoid delays.

6) Example:

PMOBytes (start-up in QATAR) formed within MOTC has developed QPunch product as a Smart Project Management application which will leverage the use of latest technologies to enhance effectiveness, transparency and efficiency within the construction project management processes.

QPunch aims to make the project processes simpler using latest technology; removing deficiencies and improving timely completions. QPunch enhances the project closure punch process, which holds the project completion. Delays within this punch process impacts directly on project end dates.  

8) How do you see the next years?  

Qatar has a vision of 2030 and FIFA is just around the corner to happen in 2022 which will change the entire country's perception globally

9) Any last comments about DT in Qatar

Since the country is small with a high GDP, it is very much possible to have QATAR transformed easily further towards technology in the next few years.


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