Our CAPM and PMP Study groups have just started and here is some feedback from Adeyemi on how it is going so far and some other information.

 Note: If you still wish to join, you can contact Adeyemi and click here:  https://pmi-belgium.be/profes-devel/study-groups . 

Q1:  What is the goal of the PMP study group  
The first goal is to help the people to prepare for the PMP exam.
For chapters, it is also an occasion to promote membership, since the course is free for PMI members.
For lecturers, it is an opportunity to practice their skills and share contacts.
The limitation of the course is that we do not provide "Contact Hours" necessary to fulfil PMP exam prerequisites. This is because we do not want to compete with or cannibalize the "Registered Educational Providers".
Q2: How many countries are involved and which ones? 
It was started last year by Finland and Poland Chapters. Some more chapters joined them with participants and lecturers.
This year participants and lecturers are coming from Poland, Finland, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Canada, USA, Nigeria, Ireland, Greece, Germany, India, Iran, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Denmark and probably some other countries.
Most participants are from Belgium, Bulgaria, Finland, Poland and Russia.
Q3: Since how many years are the study groups going on?
This is the fourth edition of the PMP study groups.
Q4: What were the numbers last year - how many people joined the study groups and how many of them took the exam?  
The first and second year it was 20-50 participants, This year it's over 150.
Q5: What is the formation of the study group like ?   
We had a kick-off meeting with project PM and some people from Finland and Poland Chapters that were involved last year, then created a KanBan board on Trello. Then we created the VRMS application for lecturers on PMI site, sent invitations to some other PMI Chapters (including Belgium) to check if they want to join and advertise it locally. Then we created communication templates, meeting sessions, presentations, questionnaires, review of lecturers, sending invitations etc, answering tons of questions, etc... you know :-)
There are two sponsors of the project - PMI Finland Chapter (represented by Javier Martin Perez) and PMI Poland Chapter (Joanna Adamska) and PM Krzysztof Moskwa. 
Q6: What are people expected to do between study groups  
We do not have any special expectations, but we recommend people to at least skim the chapter that is going to be presented.
Q7: What is the schedule for the study group's session  
We are doing it on Mondays and Thursdays for 6 weeks at 18:00 CET time.
Q8: Are the Study Group sessions recorded?   
We are not recording these sessions.
Q9:  Can new people still join or is it too late?     
I can still add people to the participants' list, but they have to be aware that they will miss the first session. It should be free for PMI members, and non-members should pay 20 EUR to their Chapter.
Q10: How many people are from Belgium and what did they think of it? 
If I count correctly - there are 10 people from Belgium who joined as participants. Starting from today's session we are asking participants to fill feedback questionnaire. So hopefully, we'll get a bit more information. Right now I don't have much data. 
Q11:  What was the topic for the first session  
Project Management Framework - PMBoK chapters 1-3.
Q12: What is the planned topic for the next session?
Project Integration Management - to be lectured by Oleg Tumosov from Moscow
Schedule and time table is available on the following page