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Interview with Gianfranco Pustorino

Studying for the PMP Exam

Interview with : Gianfranco Pustorino
Interview: by Frank Turley
Introduction: Gianfranco has just recently passed the PMP exam and therefore its a good time to get his feedback on how he did this. So thanks Gianfranco for this insight.

Q1) Why did you decide on doing the PMP exam?
- I decided to improve my Project Management methodology as well as to increase my professional growth and future possibilities;

Q2: What was your PM experience?
- Since 2012 I work for a pharmaceutical company (Baxter) with increased role and responsibility.
- I started dealing with simple/middle projects impacting products available in the market arriving today to manage new product development projects as well as product portfolio projects.

3) How did your PM experience help you to prepare for the exam?
- Really not a lot because each company has " a way to work" and manage projects with customized approach.
- In any case helpful from budget and people management;

4) Which material did you use to study?
- I had an exam preparation course provided by ProjectPolis (6 months before having exam) and I used material shared during it to finalize it;

5) Which concepts did you find the hardest?
- Definitively the procurement management

6) Do you think a PMP study group would have helped you?
- I think so, as it would have given me another perspective on some topics eg: procurement management
- Also that a study group to support would be very helpful at the beginning work/study preparation (in terms of planning/timing) as well as doing check points to confirm that planning is going correctly;

7) How much of the PMBOK did you read?

8) Was it easy to fill in the all documentation to take the exam?
- I found it really easy thanks to the appropriate suggestions shared by ProjectPolis;
- How how long did this take--> 3-5 days

9) How did you prepare for tall the exam question?-
- I read 2 times the exam preparation book, then I made all the practice sessions in the same book and after that I made the simulations using PM Fast track.
- I started making targeted exercise (divided by project phases) and the last 3 days before exam date I did the entire exam simulations;

10) What would you do different if you had to repeat the whole exercise again?
- Probably I would spend less time in reading the book and compensate it with more exercise/simulation;


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