First things first, thank you to those who completed the mentoring survey of last June. This feedback encourages us to continue the mentoring program that PMI Belgium likes to facilitate. We base ourselves on the best practices from several other PMI chapters worldwide. 

So what will we do next? 

At the coming PMI Fair (or National Congress), we will organise a workshop on mentoring with the aim to share a practical vision on how people can effectively learn and develop through others.  Mentoring is one of the components of the 70:20:10 learning approach where you learn and develop yourself 70% through job experience, 20% through others (mentoring is one way of doing it) and 10% through structured courses & programs. 

This workshop will also be the launch of a pilot program for the Belgium PMI Chapter members. The program will be sponsored by the Director of Professional Development with the support of PMI volunteers.

We are very pleased to invite you to attend this workshop during the PMI Fair. You can get more information on this workshop in the PMI Fair Website. See you there!

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