Title:                            PM Maturity Model Assessment Tool

Interview with:            Nick Cox  

Job Title:                    Program Director

LinkedIn:                    LinkedIn Profile

Interview by:                Frank Turley 

Date:                           January 2020



This interview if focused on using a maturity model to improve the way you are doing project management in your organisation. This is an interview with Nick Cox who has done a lot of work on this topic.

 1)  What are the main advantages of using a maturity model with PRINCE2?

The main advantages of using a maturity model is to increase your success of project delivery across your portfolio. The more mature you are at managing projects, the more successful you will be. A model will provide guidance for developing and improving your project processes and approach. It’s well understood that using a trusted methodology to deliver your projects increases the success and lowers the risk of failure. Being able to understand how well you are applying that methodology or framework gives you the ability to take corrective action before things start going wrong. Often when reviewing failed projects you find it’s the lack of approach that failed, for example you didn’t have a project board to make swift decisions, you didn’t describe and agree the scope, you didn’t manage the risks. The maturity model lets you understand if you are applying the methodology correctly, having this knowledge you can take positive actions to fix any deficiencies.  You can of course choose to ignore the guidance, but you do this with ‘eyes wide open’ and the knowledge of accepting the risk.

Title:                            How not to do an outsourcing data centre project

Interview with:            John Anonymous 😊  

Job Title:                    Senior Program Manager  

Interview by:                Frank Turley 

Date:                           Jan 2020


I recently met a person who was a project manager on an outsourcing project, and I asked him how it was going. After 30 seconds, I asked if I could interview him. 

What is the scope of the project?

My CEO decided to outsource its data centres, service desk, network and workplace management. He says: "even God outsourced the building of the Arc to Noah". Why not we?

Should we build and maintain our own data centres or let others run it to help manage costs and enable growth? By turning to managed hosting services, our CEO hopes to curb the capital and operational costs and help make the organization more agile to changing market scenarios.