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How to Become A Strategic Project Leader

By Giuseppe  Di Maria.

An Exclusive Podcast with Pierre Le Manh.

Whether you lead a country, a business, or a project team, the world needs strategic project leaders 

who can enable positive change to create a compelling vision and deliver projects that bring this vision and strategic goals to reality.


Podcast with Pierre

The dynamic nature of today’s D-VUCA-D business environment demands every organization to constantly evolve, solve problems and create needed competitive advantage. Beyond delivering projects to the agreed budget, quality and scope, economies and organizations are constantly seeking strategic project leaders who are catalysts that will enable them to deliver the right projects the right way.

The demand for project professionals who are strategically focused is at an all-time high as industries and organizations are realizing the value and premium placed on professionals with such relevant project management skills. As an aspiring or seasoned Project Manager, Business Analyst or industry leader, you need these invaluable skills to stay relevant.

This exclusive power discussion with @Pierre Le Manh, President and CEO of Project Management Institute and Fola Alabi, founder of Strategic Project leader Inc. (SPL), will uncover what it takes to become a strategic project leader that achieves goals and stays relevant in today’s uber-competitive market. This event is one that you cannot afford to miss as it will help kick-start your year.

How to Become A Strategic Project Leader - An Exclusive with Pierre Le Manh

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