Continuing the series of podcasts recommendation in 2021 

By Ciro Sbarra

I have recently discovered a project management channel on YouTube from Mike Clayton and this gives a fresh look at many PM topics. 

Here are three video podcasts I watched and I recommend:

  1. What is Power Link 

We all have some power. But some of us have more than others! So, what is power? In this video, Mike tells us about the different types of power - particularly in the context of Project Management.


  1. What is a Work Breakdown Structure? Link

The Work Breakdown Structure (or WBS) is one of the most basic and most important assets of your Project Management toolset.


  1. What is Stakeholder Management? Link

Stakeholders will determine the success (or not) of your project. So you need to engage with them. Stakeholder Engagement - or more often known as Stakeholder Management - is one of the most important parts of Project Management.