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Knowliah - Project documentation: the end of the struggle

Easy re-use of what exists

Project Management is a document and knowledge intensive activity. Knowliah helps you with its Intelligent Repository to centralize all relevant documents, reports and knowledge. Its automatic classification and content analysis technology improves the re-use of existing text-pieces and brings related documents automatically together. It saves time and reduces the risk of “not-knowing”. Learn more about Knowliah 4.0.

One Single View of your case or project

Imagine having an overview of all documents and e-mail related to your current working context, from different systems (ERP, CRM, BPM, own applications…) and regardless of storage location (inside or outside of your organisation), presented in a (virtual) folder structure of your choice.

Its value would be huge:

  • never miss elements when communicating with a customer or internally

  • offer the highest possible service quality and speed to your customers

  • be informed as it should when making sound decisions

  • see available information your way

  • expand your view with trusted external sources

  • never lose information or communication. 

Information about your customers – both structured and unstructured – in ERP and CRM systems, in repositories, on file and mail servers, etc. is scattered all over your organisation, and even outside your organisation, on the web.

The ultimate dream of every knowledge worker – to get in one click one single complete and cross-organisational view for a customer, a project, a case, etc. – can now become a reality thanks to Knowliah.

You won't even have to move the information; everything can remain in its original storage location. The Knowliah technology will allow you to visualize all related and relevant information for that specific customer by a simple search request, or with just one click from within your structured data environment.

A Knowliah Dynamic Link integration in your ERP, CRM, BPM or other system integrates the power of One Single View in your existing applications. Based on your context as a user of those applications, the associative technology provides you with the relevant related information and communication from each possible source of information processed by Knowliah. Dynamic Link offers so much more than just database views. It also includes personalized presentations via Virtual Dynamic Folders for each knowledge worker.

You get a consolidated overview for a specific customer, project, case, etc. which can be easily filtered even further. This filtering can be done on the basis of the meta-data that is automatically added to every information object based on your organisation’s specific context. In addition, Knowliah also proposes additional contexts based on the most prevalent subjects surrounding your search. That way, you are able to browse through large volumes of information and discover information you wouldn’t be able to access with traditional search tools.

Instant Results

  • Efficiency gain: spend less time searching and not finding, let Knowliah analyse your information, and be prepared in case of litigation.
  • Improved collaboration: maximum re-use and sharing of information and knowledge results in no more re-invention and faster issue-solving.
  • Higher customer satisfaction: by substantially increasing your service levels and always being on top of your information and knowledge, you are able to respond and anticipate towards your customers more quickly
  • Well-founded decisions: by finding, analysing and understanding all your structured and unstructured information and knowledge, you will be able to support any decision to take
  • Be ahead of your competition: speed up your innovation process, and seize opportunities more quickly. Improve your branding by branding your employee’s knowledge
  • High-performance workplace: get control over the information growth by maximising re-use and sharing of information and knowledge, inside and outside of your organisation

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