Our Masterclass Managing Change workshop in Antwerp brought together project and change management professionals that were interested in how organizations better plan can change in an unpredictable context.

The main topics were the faster and faster rhythm that changes have in our world today and how to plan, execute, and manage change and transformation processes in a digital environment.

The workshop put together occasions for the participants to practice about efficient change management and communication in remote teams, but also about stakeholder management.

In the words of our participants:

“It was a very interactive event which gave the opportunity to combine learning and networking very effectively. I especially liked the "mood matrix", which can be a handy tool in stakeholder identification, but especially stakeholder management during the lifecycle of the project. What I also liked is the fact that the project manager and change manager roles need to be working very closely together. They need to create and maintain an integrated project schedule, considering each other's dependencies”.

Francis Moeris | LinkedIn

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