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The Brightline initiative

A few months ago, I was looking for information to better assess and guide change processes within organizations. After looking around on the internet, I came across the Brightline ® Initiative.

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What is Brightline ® Initiative?

Brightline® delivers insights and solutions that enable leaders to successfully transform their organization's vision into reality through strategic initiative management. It is an initiative taken by Project Management Institute |

What is their MISSION?

The Brightline® Initiative develops and provides a holistic knowledge and networking platform that delivers solutions and insights to successfully bridge the expensive and unproductive gap between strategy design and strategy delivery. Any professional who is responsible for the results or management of strategy implementation within their organization will benefit.

What is their FOCUS?

The Brightline ® Initiative provides organizations and professionals with three key benefits that will improve their ability to deliver on strategic intent:

  • Thought & Practice Leadership: Brightline gives organizations the cutting-edge research and solutions they need to better implement their transformation.
  • Networking: Through networking opportunities, leaders can exchange experiences and advance ideas and practices related to strategy and transformation.
  • Capability Building: Through capability building offerings, organizations have the chance to further develop knowledge and expertise.

Where can you find Brightline? Brightline Initiative

A lot of interesting material can be found there.

What did I do next?

 I subscribed to the free course "Bridging the gap between strategy design and strategy delivery". This is a course that takes you through the 10 Guiding principles helping you deliver and implement an organizations' strategy. The course takes about five weeks to complete, and each week you will need to spend about 2 hours to complete it. At the end of the course, during week five, you will have to complete a case-study. This course gave me a great insight on the elements needed to put the strategy design into strategy implementation. It took some effort, but I really enjoyed it.

In short the 10 principles are

: Brithline_picture.png

There are also courses in Organizational Transformation. The Foundation, Implementation and Orchestration course. These although are not free courses.

Go and have a look and enjoy your personal development

Willem Van Mulders

PMI Belgium Chapter Professional Development

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