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How to apply Agile in drug development 

While agility has recently attracted considerable attention in the IT/software sectors, we hear less about it within the pharmaceutical sector. Can Agile enable pharmaceutical organizations to so stay competitive in the so called VUCA environments? 

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has had devastating effects on health care, global economy and almost every aspect of human life. What it also highlighted was the willingness for pharmaceutical companies to collaborate more closely for the greater good, working with more agility, novelty and innovation to seek therapies to address COVID-19. 

However, with that being said the industry still relies heavily on a phase-gated, rigid, and sequential project management approach to traditional medicines development and is very also one of the most heavily regulated industries.  

The speed at which drugs are developed and distributed makes a significant difference in the response to pandemics and other human diseases as well as its impact on global economies.   

PMI Belgium and UCB are launching a hackathon where project management practitioners, agile enthusiasts and pharma experts will unite to collaborate on how to effectively apply agile methodologies to drug development. 

The event will be fully online and is open to all PMI members and non-members. The event requires a registration to be completed and a prior survey to allow our facilitators to balance competencies in focus groups and capture further insights in this field. 

If you are a project management practitioner, agile enthusiasts, pharma professional, grab this unique opportunity by registering. This will be your chance to participate on shaping the future of management processes in this important industry. UCB Event2

Date: 26 April 2022 

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Location: Online / Zoom 

Professional Development Units: (2 PDU) 

Maximum Capacity : 100 attendees 

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