PMI Belgium

PMI Belgium

This Year PMI Belgium Chapter is looking to organize our flagship event, the PM Fair, in physical presence.

Save the date for this incredible opportunity to network face-to-face and explore multiple perspectives in the realm of project, programme, and portfolio management.

Join us for presentations, participate in breakout sessions and build thriving relationships!

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PMI Belgium Chapter will set-up the event in a vigilant way, looking for ways to ensure health and safety remain at the forefront. 

  • We aim to bring the utmost comfort in our shared physical space so that we, all participants, can easily share ideas and insights, thoughts, and interpretations. We will challenge ourselves and go further on our path to learn and develop. So, let us have a great time and have some fun along the way.
  • We will jointly benefit from a diverse spectrum of perspectives. We will listen to understand strategists and pragmatists, academics and practitioners, leaders, and innovators. We will interact in different ways. There will be keynote speeches, focused presentations, workshops in breakout rooms and many, many opportunities to interact, connect and network across the board. Explore and discover.
  • We will network and connect. We will build and nurture networks and relationships. We take pride in our cultivated concept of the Market Place. A place of exchange and a shared moment, a place of opportunity, a place of courage that might spark a longer-term relationship. There is so much that happens in and around the Market Place!

Everyone of us will be just a few steps away from the booth and the coffee space where we can interact with other organizations and  meet-up with fellow-participants to debate important topics.

Come join the PM Fair 22 and share the experience with us.

PMI Belgium Chapter - PM Fair Team

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