PMI Belgium

PMI Belgium

 My first 2 years of volunteering with PMI Belgium Chapter will end this month and like every end of the year moment, I took time to think back and now share with you a list of things I am very grateful for after this experience:

  • I made friends: even if it was the most “online” period ever I can say Renuka, Giuseppe, Tim, Mark became colleagues and dear people to meet for dinner but also to count on!
  • I enlarged my professional network: during all meetings there were so many people I could listen to and interact with 
  • I learned about Project Management: while I had to publish the newsletter I had to read a lot of content (special thanks to Frank:) that I would have procrastinated 
  • I learned about marketing and communications: I used tools for digital marketing for creating materials and strategies of communication
  • I became part of the Board of a prestigious international organization
  • I practiced my writing skills: it is always a pleasure to write something that might be interesting or useful to such a smart audience as the PMI members
  • I became more efficient: it is true that when volunteering you focus better
  • I got to collaborate closely with experts of different areas: I had the pleasure to hear and then collaborate with many experts
  • I got appreciation at work: PM and marketing expertise are a great addition to my core professional skills
  • I got a richer CV: practicing writing and digital marketing skills are a great plus 

For all these and many others THANK YOU PMI BELGIUM CHAPTER!


Gabriela Sotirca

Associate Director of Communication

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