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Dear PMI Belgium Chapter member,

The PMI Belgium Chapter is governed by a volunteer board of directors elected by members like you.

You have the opportunity to influence the Chapter's future by proposing your candidature to serve on the 2022-2023 PMI Belgium Chapter Board of Directors.

During this election 2021 the following position are open:

  • Director of Academic & Educational Outreach
  • Director of Professional Development
  • Director of Sponsoring
  • Director of Events
  • Director of Marketing
  • Director of Communication
  • Director of Finance & Administration
  • Director of PM Fair (one-year mandate)
  • Associate Director of Marketing
  • Associate Director of Communication

The call for candidature will be open as from Mid-August 2021.

Timing & process of the election:


Election 2021 Timing


Eligibility Criteria:

  • The Candidate must be a PMI-BE member in good standing.
  • A nominating committee, consisting of past non-participating Presidents (minimum 2), will need to approve by majority of votes, the suitable candidates before the voting will start.
  • Criteria to take in consideration are:
    • The candidate must be a PMI-BE member in good standing.
    • The candidate may not be made a party, to any civil, criminal, administrative, or investigative action or proceeding that can harm, a PMI chapter or the Project Management Profession in general.
    • The candidate must be in good faith.
    • The candidate may not have a commercial relation with PMI or have the intention to receive any pecuniary gain, benefit or profit, incidental or otherwise, from the activities, financial accounts and resources of the PMI Belgium Chapter, except as otherwise provided in these bylaws.
    • The candidate is willing to fill in and sign the PMI confidentiality agreement and the PMI conflict of interest questionnaire and ethics certification.
    • The candidate must show interest, experience and maturity to conduct the Directors function.
  • In case the nominating committee decides that the candidate does not comply to one of the above criteria, the committee can ask the candidate to step in a learning path and first take up a Volunteer and/or Assistant-Director role, being coached by a Director of the Board, until the next election takes place.
  • The Associate Director will not be part of the Board, nor will this position have voting rights.
  • Suitable candidates can apply for max 2 positions by submitting their application and information to the nominating committee.

Volunteering for a board position is an important decision since it will require from you to dedicate a part of your private hours to your community, but it also provides a large number of advantages, like providing you a unique occasion to embrace the role of an Executive within an official organization and from there develop new skills in a domain you may eventually never experiment before. This will also give you many opportunities to meet other people and to further develop your network and reputation.

It is a good moment during the summer holiday period to think already about it and to reflect for yourself about this opportunity to contribute to the success of our Chapter.

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