PMI Belgium

PMI Belgium

 As already announced, the PM Fair will take place during the first week of October (4th - 8th) this year. Benefiting from our experience of last year, and still with some concern about whether we will actually be able to meet face-to-face by then, we are planning a hybrid event.

From Monday to Thursday, we will host virtual events similar to 2020. But for Friday, the goal is to organize a physical event that will take place in the Africa Museum in Tervuren. 

 When will the tickets be launched?

We decided to launch the tickets in September because the majority of people will be back from holiday. 

What is the cost for the virtual sessions? 

We will stick to the last year approach, so the virtual sessions from Monday to Thursday will be free of  charge for Members. For non-members it will be paid (Exact price will be communicated in the next newsletter)

What is the cost for the physical event? 

Tickets are for MEMBERS only and the price will be communicated in the next newsletter. Due to expected restrictions, the number of tickets will be limited – and they will be sold on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

 We will keep you updated with all details about prices, number of tickets, speakers and schedule information during holidays! 


Lohengrin De Deurwaerder

Business Consultant II

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