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It was great to be involved in the PM Event, and it was even better to do all this volunteer work from home. As this was the first kind of virtual event that we did, we all had to learn new skills, and I think that is how we get paid 😊 I only did a fraction of the work that was performed by Brian Thumwood and Gert Bogaerts, but I still managed to do the following three things for the first time. 

  • Short 2-3 Zoom Calls with Speakers – Promotion Videos 

I had not done something like this before, and of course, I was not sure how it was going to work out. I created about 6 promotion videos in total and posted these on LinkedIn and now feel I have a good understanding of the process and the best technology to use. Best of all, it was the first time that each speaker created a short promotion video of their own talk, and they have said they will do this in the future for their next speaking engagement.  

Technology used   

  • Initial recording was done on ZOOM   
  • Used a video editor (MAC ScreenFlow) to edit the video and headers 

This is also something that we can repeat for future PM Fair events (online or physical events).     

  • Project Management Mistakes - Videos 

I was trying to get project managers to share their big project mistakes with the world and our Belgium members, but this was not as easy as most of us are afraid to admit our mistakes in public. Also, many of the project managers that I contacted were not free for our chosen timeslot of 13:00 on Friday the 2nd, so I had to record Project Mistake videos.   

I was extremely fortunate to first interview and record a project mistake with Colin D Ellis, a very experienced project manager, great speaker, and wrote several brilliant books on project management. So, I was able to use this recording of a project mistake to convince others to share their mistakes.

New Skills Learned

This initial idea was to hold a project mistake session for the PM Fair, but I will now continue to do such a recording each month and share this on our PMI Belgium site.  

  • Hosting an online Panel Discussion 

During our project mistake (Foul up Friday) session, we had 6 speakers, and I was the host of this virtual event and had to keep the session on track. Again, this was a first, but I had attended several Toastmaster meetings where they have a host of the evening, so I had a good idea of what I had to do and the things that might go wrong. For example, we had one speaker who did not show up, but I had a backup project mistake story to fill this slot and it looked very professional 😊


Thanks to volunteering for this PM Fair event, I learned and practiced these three new things for the first time, and I will benefit lots from this in the future.  


Frank Turley 

Director of Professional Development

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