Upcoming Event - November 2017

Chapter Event - 22nd November 2017 with Prosource

Is a project manager still needed in an agile context?

There is a wide variety of stand-alone project management methodologies available to project managers. PMI only recently included an agile component in their traditional approach. We will start by discussing this agile-traditional integration. Most companies already apply aspects of both agile and traditional methodologies when managing projects. But what does this mean for the role of the project manager? How can the role be defined now, and how will it evolve in the future? This role will be the basis of our discussion which will be facilitated by a session of Lego Serious Play (LSP). LSP is a method to facilitate group thinking on complex statements, it is an interactive method requiring maximal input of every participant. Desired end state of this session is to have current and future challenges of project managers defined.


   18:15-19:00: Welcome & Registration (incl. Sandwiches & drinks)

   19:00-19:15: Welcome by PMI

   19:15-20:45: Prosource speaker: Is a project manager still needed in an agile context?

   20:45-21:00: PMI Board messages & closing

   21:00-22:00: Network reception (drinks)

Speakers: Nico Marien & Michel Coens

Location: Nieuwgoed Seminariecentrum - Grotesteenweg Zuid 8 - 9052 Gent - Zwijnaarde

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