PMI Belgium Chapter 1st Hackathon


Hackathon final

It was with very entusiastic and professional PMI members that the 1st PM Hackathon was a great oportunity to learn, share and have a lot of fun.

We had a feedback session just after the event and we got some great feedback which will drive us for the next PMI Belgium Chapter Events.

Nexum was our partner co-creating the event and they have a message for our members:

"We at Nexum love interacting with Project Managers, as they bring change and we can help them focus on the people side of change. It was therefore with a lot of enthusiasm that we attended this PMI event.

We were not disappointed at all. Of course, the participants felt at ease when they discovered the case for the Hackathon, which was expressed in terms of objectives and deliverables – they are so familiar with this language. Then we drove them into exploring the people side, i.e. the impacted people, the type and size of impact, the risks of resistance, and the specific activities around this important topic, and that was a magic moment!

To our great satisfaction, all the challenges that we had prepared for them created positive energy in each group. The participants’ engagement to explore the Change Management discipline was remarkable. They demonstrated a high level of creativity in the development of their solutions, and even more, the discussions were so many occasions to openly discuss Change Management best practices, including communications, sponsorship, coaching, resistance management, and change reinforcement.

In the end it was clear to everyone how Project Management and Change Management integrate, not only as disciplines but also as practitioners: a real climate of friendship."

Many thanks to PMI for this great evening!

Vincent Piedboeuf

Advanced Prosci Certified Instructor

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Thank you all for a great evening!

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