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How did it all started ... ?

On a given saturday, I found myself listening to colleagues during an introductory meeting about Mentoring.

Mentoring, what’s that ? It’s a  initiative from PMI aiming at bringing experienced and more junior people  together to share their experience, their views on specific problems, in order for the mentor to guide and advice his mentee on the adequate PM approach.  

It gets promoted  as a “Grow” type activity, and organised with volunteers.

Why volunteering ?  Because  I recently retired, officially at least, having more time to spend “freely”, on one side, and whishing to let younger PM’s possibly benefit from my own past errors , on the other side.

How did we establish the pairing relationship ? Well, in fact, it’s my future mentee who came to see me during the break. We engaged a conversation, discussing differences between our respective cultures, some PM experiences, and tips on our PM approaches. .

Then, quite simply, having jointly a drink, my mentee  expressed the wish to establish this pair, explaining to me the nature of what he wanted to be coached on and his expectations.

I did not have to think hours about it ; when you are open to others, and conscious of why you are there, you’ll rapidly find people to establish relationships with. It’s also a matter of feeling.

When writing this short story, we are now two months later, and it evolves nicely, exchanging ideas, and sharing much more than just professional advice.

In summary, something to recommend ! 

Mentoring Testimonial

Michel  Vanbrabant, PMP

April 2017

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