Volunteering Day - 2018

PMI Belgium Chapter depends on the invaluable work that its volunteers are delivering. Your work is a cornerstone of our success and the testimonies that we got from the last amazing PM Fair speak for themselves. There are many opportunities for volunteering activities at PMI Belgium Chapter and one key challenge that we have is to keep a large volunteer base while keeping all volunteers engaged.

Please see the agenda below for the topics that we would like to broaden and discuss with all of you in our now famous PMI Belgium Chapter Volunteers Day.

Here are some highlights of the day: recognition of the current volunteers for their efforts and contributions in the past years; feedback from the volunteers on the impact that volunteering for PMI had on their professional and personal life; overview of the ongoing initiatives and new initiatives that we would like to launch this year. 

One of the initiatives that was organized last year and will continue in 2018 is our mentoring program, “GROW”. If you want to share your knowledge with others, you can register to become a Mentor. If you want to learn from others, you can become a Mentee. This topic will have its own session during that day. More information about the Grow initiative can be found on the PMI Belgium Chapter website:https://pmi-belgium.be/profes-devel/grow-mentoring-program

We would be very happy to meet you there and discuss how we all can contribute to make this happen.


We are pleased to inform you that for this event (as a pilot) and for all future events (if successful) we are starting a new carpooling initiative. The link for the carpooling activities is: https://www.groupcarpool.com/t/42iu7f

If you are going th attend the volunteering day. After you open the webpage above, you will have the following two options:

  • Click on the bluecar icon to register as a driver
  • Click on the greencaricon to register as a passanger

Then you can arrange for carpooling with another peer in your area.

The success of this initiative will depend on your participation. Carpooling is not only beneficial to those who do not have the convenient means of transportation, but is also a way to help our environment and to increase your network.

Theme: Volunteering with PMI – What did I get out of it?
Date: 24th February 2018 as from 8:30
Venue: Canal Vilvoorde, Maria-Theresialaan 47, 1800 Vilvoorde


8:30 Registration, welcome and coffee
9:00 Recognition by PMI for each volunteer
9:30 Presentations by volunteers on the theme
10:00 Presentation on existing and new initiatives
10:30 Coffee break & networking
11:00 Tooling for volunteers
11:15 Parallel sessions for GROW and other initiatives
12:15 Lunch
13:30 Round up and closing

The Volunteering Day is reserved for the Members of the PMI Belgium Chapter and is Free of Charge for ALL Participants.

If you are interested becoming a volunteer, or if you want to share your experience as volunteer: 

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