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Project Management in Retail by Colruyt Group

Project Management in Retail by Colruyt Group

Project Management in Retail by Colruyt Group

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Colruyt Group is a Belgian retail business founded in 1928 by Franz Colruyt. A $10B revenue business in 2021, the group is managing the Colruyt supermarkets and other brands such as OKay, Bio-Planet, DATS 24, DreamLand, DreamBaby, JIMS fitness centers, Bike Republic, the online pharmacy Newpharma and others.The group employs 33,000 workers, active in three countries, and operates one of the largest retail networks in BeNeLux, with more than 740 stores, 300+ collect & pick-up points.

This event will allow project management practitioners to come and discover the insights of the retail business and how project management plays an important role in Colruyt's retail activities.

A variety of presentations on project management, methodology, cultural values, innovation and automation in stores, logistics and farming will be presented in the creative and challenging Pecha Kucha format.

After the event, a networking drink is foreseen.

Location: Colruyt Headquarters, Edingensesteenweg 196, 1500 Halle, Belgium





The digital store of the future 

Digital technology such as computer vision and augmented reality will be omnipresent in the store of the future. Some examples: the OKay Direct self-service store, the easy checkout based on camera technology and in-store projection.

Agile trails at Colruyt Group

The Agile trails are walks designed for teams that want to start their Agile journey. These walks give teams insights into the Agile mindset and principles, the Scrum Framework and several useful practices. The Agile trails also bring guidance about dealing with non-Agile contexts and project management practices.

Autonomous logistic warehouses

Autonomous robots, vehicles and warehouses are more and more being used in Colruyt Group’s distribution centers. We aim to use them for complicated tasks such as picking and stacking of different products and transport of goods through our dynamic warehouses.

Project management @Colruyt Group: perception vs reality

We all have a perception of things sometimes based on hearsay, sometimes based on personal experience. This presentation will lead you through perception and values at Colruyt. We link project values with the values of Colruyt. We compare hearsay with reality. We will sparkle your thoughts and challenge your perception.

Autonomous home delivery by self-driving vehicles 

In January 2023 Colruyt Group did the first Collect&Go home delivery using a self-driving vehicle. This groundbreaking technology was already very complicated; an equally big challenge was to convince the government to provide the necessary permits for the first tests on public roads.

From Strategy to Operations and Projects

At Colruyt Group, we have a specific framework to translate Strategic Goals into Operations and Projects. In this interactive session, we will take you along in this journey.

Intercultural Collaboration in Project Management

We all work in multi-cultural context; have different communication styles, cultures, time zones. We think multiculturalism is beneficial. A few tips on how to improve experience and boost project performance, replicate "co-location" benefits and improve communication quality.

Rough seas make tasty Belgian oysters

Seafood in the form of mussels, oysters and seaweeds is a healthy and sustainable protein source. Colruyt Group and other Belgian partners want to bring this native product from the Belgian sea back in cultivation. In the past three years, we conducted experiments with different cultivation setups and were able to grow tasty oysters from the nutritious but very rough Belgian North Sea.

Agile is not what you do, agility is how you do it 

No rules are universal; all rules need context because none applies for everything, everywhere, every time. There is no such thing as AGILE, it's all about ACTING agile. Agile is not what you do, agility is how you do it, also in the way you manage your projects. See where you are, know where you want to go to, take a small step, asses, repeat.


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