Unemployed youngsters guidance

PMIef Belgium wants to help young people without a job by giving them a basics free project management course. This idea is launched by Chris Kindermans, who has not enough to work it out in detail, but who is willing to assist the person who will start the project.

We will together with the VDAB to distribute this training. We need local connections with the VDAB to see what is possible. Courses will be for free, followed by a certificate, the only thing we need is a classroom from VDAB and their willingness to gather the information of the trainees.

For that project PMIef Belgium is looking for a motivated volunteer to put it on the rails.

Thesis support at Universities

PMIef Belgium wants to help academic students that have to work on their thesis.

We want to give them a training on how they can use project management to better deliver their thesis on time.

Eric is leading this project, he wants to approach the student organisation to see what we can do together with their support.