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Dear all,

2023 Milestone

2023 is a very important milestone for the PMI Belgium Chapter… we will celebrate the 25th anniversary of our PMI Belgium Chapter. At this occasion, we would like to highlight all our former Presidents who, thanks to their involvement in the PMI Belgium Chapter, have made it evolve, grow…

In total we are 11 presidents.pmi belgium 25 Medium Size

What is the starting point?

Since the early nineties, PMI members residing in the Belgium - Luxembourg area were part of a large chapter called Norden.

At the first PMI Europe Conference in June 1997 in Paris, the idea was born to create a more local chapter for the Benelux countries. After significant preparation work of the founding Board of Directors, the PMI Benelux Chapter was officially recognized by the Project Management Institute as an independent component in the fourth quarter of 1998. We started with 80 Belgium Chapter Members.

Knowing that such a progress is build up gradually, my fellow past chapter presidents and I will guide you through the impressive 25 years evolution of our chapter.

Since that start-up, our chapter has grown to be one of the largest in Europe. At the end of July 2001, the chapter had more than 850 members and more than 300 certified individuals.

In November 2001, the new PMI Netherlands Chapter was founded and because of this split our chapter was renamed PMI Belgium Chapter from January 1, 2002, onwards.

On 30 June 2010 the new PMI Luxembourg Chapter was founded.

On 12th October 2013, we celebrated the 15th anniversary of our Chapter during the PM Fair 2013 at the Volvo premises. We had the privilege to welcome 6 presidents.

On the picture, from the left to the right: Jim Roofthooft, Louis J. Mercken, Jan Van Broeck, Chris Kindermans, Wim Gardin and Kris Troukens.


In 2019, we had the next presidents, from the left to the right: Guy Goossens, Stéphane De Vroey, Jacques Neyns and Dirk Huyers.

How to celebrate?

I am very proud to be in contact with the past presidents, interviews are in preparation, every month 1 or 2 interviews will be published in the newsletter.

In this edition, you can find the interview o Chris Kindermans and Stéphane De Vroey.

We are also working on a special event, for you, kind members and your kind family… More info in a coming edition… It is still secret….

And icing on the cake: we’ll welcome the past presidents during the PM Fair on 13th of October… We’ll celebrate all together with some surprises…

Curious? Please be part of our Yearly Congress, registration will open soon.

The Eleven Happy President (and First Woman President 😊)

Christine Dassy

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