PMI Belgium

PMI Belgium

By Gabriela Sotirca

While being a volunteer with PMI I had the chance to meet so many people and see what did the experience of volunteering with us mean to each one of them.

Some were with us to learn from peers, to improve their project management knowledge and skills.

Some were with us to meet other people, network, find new work or project  opportunities.

Some wanted to try a potential career reconversion and practice different roles in an organization.

Some were at the beginning of their career and learned what an organization is.

Others were interested to have a role in an international organization and add that to their cv.

Few of them improved their communicator profiles and became hosts and speakers in different events promoting Project Management.

But in this article I want to focus on those that became board members and PMI volunteering helped them to put a stone to their board member career.

Being a Board Member is a great opportunity and while most of the people become one towards the end of their careers, some make a career out of it.

For women in particular, it can be interesting to know that end of last year the European Parliament adopted a law stating that “by 2026 companies will have to have 40% of the underrepresented sex among non-executive directors or 33% among all directors”.

In PMI Belgium our President is Christine Dassy and she is happy to answer your questions about her own experience or what is the PMI Board preparing soon for you This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

There are so many types of boards and also so many types of functions but there are very few “schools” of how to be ready for becoming a member and performing at your best.

PMI Belgium does not require you to have experience already and you can apply for a position when elections are open and that can be the door for a board member career ahead of you.

Looking forward to have YOU also ON BOARD!

#join our Teams!

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