Dear Members, 

It’s one of those periods again when we send our wishes of good health and prosperity to all our loved ones, friends and colleagues. 

Allow me addressing you, the PMI Belgian family and network, with my sincerest wishes for 2023. For most, health is and has always been the most important wish. 

In fact, events related to it has proven to challenge our networking, activities and events over the past years. 

I’m sure that many of us have experienced challenges in the work life. Businesses got on hold, temporary assignments or even worse, our professional life completely was put on hold.  

So, it is only fair to also share my wishes for a stable regain in the professional world. 

Both personal and professional life require a good balance. Without it, networking with friends, peers and colleagues outside of the professional environment would also be challenging. 

And thus, here comes my brief list of wishes for 2023. 

Looking back to 2020 and 2021, PMI Belgium chapter wasn’t able to do much due to Covid measures. A few webinars and virtually driven events took place, but true connections got lost.  

Last year, 2022, was our year of recovery in many ways. Members retrieved the path to PMI. Satisfaction arose again and a few members fed back that they are longing to meet again over city events. 

2023 should be the year of the “Chapter Relaunch”. As your membership director:  

  • I wish to engage with you more by having you on the steering wheel for the networking.  
  • I also wish members will organize - with support of the local Belgian board - small network events in pubs, in-company presentations and/or central city located gatherings.  
  • In the coming months, I wish to engage with you locally by region. I’ve learned that travelling after work to far locations isn’t really a motivator to participate. Therefore, we should be doing more locally. 

Let us start by meeting very soon at our General Assembly on 24 January in Leuven. So, don’t forget to register now. 

Happy New Year! 

Didier Timperman 

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