Prague 27/10/2022-30/10/2022

Thursday 27 October on 9:30 am, flight to Prague. I arrived at 11 am.

The hotel offered by PMI Global (together with the flight) is beautiful. At 3 pm, we can register to the Chapter President Meeting, and we received our badge…

Presidents meeting2022A dinner later and a night cruise on the Vitava River was the wonderful occasion to speak with the presidents of the European Chapters, as we had never left before…

After a short night, it’s time to start really with the Chapter President Meeting… It’ll be a continually active day.

Lucila Dotto, new Manager: Chapters PMI Europe, opens the day with an evaluation of 2022 (coming back in-person meeting, discussion about the membership and support for Ukraine) and the objectives for 2023 (supporting Chapter Empowerment Program, focus on increasing volunteers and members motivation).

Jason Dolfi, Director: Chapters & Volunteers PMI, launches discussion about the Chapter Empowerment Program. Then a workshop about One PMI Membership follows.

The afternoon is among other things dedicated to sharing experiences workshops on different topics. I participated to the workshop “How to find the next President / Chapter Leaders’ succession planning”. The conclusion of this workshop is that in all the Chapters around the table (we were 8), we noticed the same difficulties to attract board members and new presidents, even if each chapter tried different methods.

The evening was offered by the Czech Chapter: local music, dance, food. A very friendly evening with not only the President but also some Board Members. Giuseppe Di Maria joined me for the LIM meeting.LIRM Europe Agenda Online v2 1

The Saturday started with an interview of our new CEO of PMI Global, Pierre Le Manh. He’ll launch some working groups including the Board of Directors, Presidents from European, US and Canada Chapters.

The rest of the day we had the choice between sessions that happened in parallel. Different topics: for members, for volunteers.

In the evening, we had the Celebration Reception and the Social Good Project (supporting the delegation from Ukraine to the Berlin World Games in June 2023).

Sunday morning, we started with Connect & Collaborate Concurrent Workshop (how to attract volunteers, Social Good, Youth), followed by the concurrent breakouts based principally on the young professionals.

The closure keynote session “Importance of Inter-Generational Diversity & Inclusion”, presented by Henry Rose Lee, was interesting…

After a lunch, it’s time to take the flight back to Brussels.

PMIPRG2202 2657 All2

What’s the conclusion of such meetings?

A word that we used regularly during these days was the word “family”.  We met again the family of the presidents.

There is a real solidarity between the European Chapters as we encountered the same difficulties, we have the same culture (it’s visible in the messages coming from PMI Global)

Also, a sentence that comes into my mind after speaking with all the Presidents “Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much”.

That says a lot about us… We’ll create more interaction, collaboration between Chapters, will propose more activities, information to our members throughout Europe.

Meeting our PMI CEO | Pierre Le Manh  and Jennifer Tharp | Chair Of The Board Of Directors             ...and BeNeLux is back! 

PMI benelux is back

More information will be available in the coming weeks.


President of the PMI Belgium Chapter