PMI Belgium Board of Directors hold their mid-year strategy meeting on June 11th.

The Board addressed major challenges such as the best way to run effectively, efficiently, and creatively workstreams with volunteers as the bloodstream, delivering value to project, programme, and portfolio community!

The Board bounced off ideas and made decisions regarding which activities to improve, discontinue, drastically change and which initiatives to start-off!

Here are the top outcomes priorities to PMI Belgium:

target-icon.pngWork on a strategy plan to recruit volunteers

target-icon.pngIncrease Belgium Chapter visibility and collaborate with other Chapters

target-icon.png Prepare Special Guest Pass for students

target-icon.pngCreate board working groups in parallel with the decision meetings

target-icon.png Adapt ways to measure progress; Start maturity level assessment

target-icon.png Implement quick wins with great impact e.g., appoint an event ambassador in Event Management

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