Like any disruptive event, the pandemic not only “exposed the cracks and the vulnerabilities of a fragile system”, like Agnes Uhereczky proves in her article below, but also forced all actors (governments, employers, European Union) to be aware of these and understand how critical it is to address them fast and in a collaborative manner. 

The article starts from the impressive number of 2.2 million women drop in the labor force in US, but the entire world suffers from the same trend and women working as Project Managers face the same challenges. 

While new initiatives emerged during the pandemic, like the ones mentioned by Agnes at the European level,  or in Australia (parents' subsidies) and Belgium in particular (the corona parental leave) we still need to find solutions long term. 

The need for care-givers policies that we had before the pandemic and the one we will have in some years from now, is the same, it’s just that now we are starting to give it some “more care”.


Gabriela Sotirca

Associate Director of Marketing and Communication

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