Dear friends,

It is the time of the year to announce our upcoming elections soon. It has been a tough year, as you all know, let’s look at the future and show you the available positions:

  • President elected: a one-year mandate where you are prepared to become president in 2022. I don’t have to mention that this is a very important position, you will define the direction of PMI Belgium in 2022 and 2023.
  • Vice president: without a Vice President the president would be lost. The vice president is the right hand of the president, takes over his role when he is absent, prepares the board meetings, etc. is the pillar that holds the team stable. Vice-president is often the last step towards president.
  • Director of membership: I don’t have to mention to you the importance of the membership. Without members the chapter would not exist. This year was harder to retain our members, as you may imagine. Luckily, we are happy to be able to organize online events and an online PMFair. Your job is to keep the members happy and to show that we believe in our mantra: for the members by the members.
  • Director of PMFair: this one-year mandate needs someone to put his/her shoulder for the PMFair. This year we have to do it as a virtual event, but our Brian managed to put together a great week calendar together with the Netherlands and Luxembourg Chapters. We really hope that our 2021 event will be open again to welcome our members in person! One important task of the director is to build a strong team, not that he/she does everything by his/her own. It is one of the most rewarding functions in the board.
  • We also have some Associate Directors’ positions that become available: membership, events, sponsorship. These positions are a very good introduction towards a board position, you can really learn a lot from your Director, but your are also free to come up with your ideas and put them into practice.

Please think about these opportunities. Joining a board is always a great learning experience, and I promise you that it will be fun.

For all questions and remarks please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +32 473 91 16

All the best

Your president,



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