Elections Result 2018

Dear members,

The elections 2018 process is now completed.

This year 146 members have voted for the election of the PMI Belgium chapter Leaders. This in an increase in participation from last year.

Please find below the election results:

Elected Directors

Freddy Wildemeersch

Vice-president (2019-2020)


Roeland Bollen

Director of Membership (2019-2020)

Jacques Neyns

President Elect (2019)

Elected Associate Directors

Juan Raemdonck

Associate Director of Professional Development (2019-2020)

Alice Zheng

Associate Director of Sponsorship

Shirley Pullman

Associate Director of Academic & Educational Outreach (2019-2020)

Vincent Bada

Associate Director of Events (2019-2020)

Nomination by the Board of Directors

Umberto Tromboni

Associate Director of Membership (2019-2020)