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PMI - BOOK REVIEW - by Gregor Nicolas 

Who is the author? 

Rob McLean AM 

Dandapani is a Hindu priest, entrepreneur, speaker, and coach who is known for his teachings on the science of the mind, spirituality, and self-development. He grew up in Sri Lanka and after graduating university with a degree in Electrical Engineering he left it all behind to spent 10 years studying as a monk in a traditional Hindu monastery in Hawaii.

After leaving the monastery, Dandapani started his own company, which focuses on teaching individuals and organizations how to develop concentration and focus to achievebook cover their goals. He has also given talks and workshops around the world and has been featured in various media outlets including TEDx, Entrepreneur, and Forbes. He does this by empowering them with tools and teachings that have been used by Hindu monks of his tradition for thousands of years. Among his clients are companies such as Fortress Investment Group, ICONIQ, McKinsey, American Express, Bloomberg LP, Sprinklr, Nike, Ribbit Capital, Red Ventures, and more. 

Dandapani's teachings emphasize the importance of understanding the mind and its workings, and he provides practical techniques for developing focus and concentration. He believes that the key to achieving success and happiness lies in mastering the mind and cultivating awareness and self-control. 

Overall, Dandapani's life is dedicated to helping others develop the skills and awareness needed to achieve their goals and live fulfilling lives. 


“The Power of Unwavering Focus" is a self-help book written by Dandapani that provides practical techniques for developing concentration and focus to achieve goals. 

The book begins by explaining the importance of understanding the mind and its workings, and how the mind can either help or hinder our progress. Dandapani emphasizes the need to develop a clear and specific vision of what we want to achieve, and how to break down that vision into smaller goals. 

He then provides various techniques for developing concentration and focus, such as breath awareness, visualization, and mantra repetition. He also addresses common obstacles to focus, such as distractions and procrastination, and provides strategies for overcoming them. 

Throughout the book, Dandapani emphasizes the importance of consistent practice and perseverance in developing focus and achieving our goals. He also provides guidance on how to maintain a positive and constructive mindset, and how to cultivate awareness and self-control. 

Overall, "The Power of Unwavering Focus" is a practical and insightful guide for anyone seeking to develop their concentration and achieve their goals. The book is written in a conversational and easy-to-understand style, making it accessible to readers of all backgrounds and levels of experience. One of the key themes of the book is the importance of developing a strong sense of self-awareness. Dandapani believes that by understanding our own thought processes and behaviors, we can gain greater control over our minds and achieve our goals more effectively. 

Throughout the book, Dandapani emphasizes the importance of setting clear intentions and aligning our actions with those intentions. He argues that by doing so, we can focus our energy and attention in a more productive and meaningful way. 

The second part of the book provides practical exercises and techniques that readers can use to improve their focus and concentration. For example, Dandapani suggests using visualization exercises to help clarify your goals and stay motivated, and he provides guidance on how to develop a daily meditation practice. 

In addition to the techniques and exercises, the book also includes personal anecdotes and stories from Dandapani's life as a monk and entrepreneur. These stories add a personal touch to the book and help to illustrate the concepts and principles that Dandapani is discussing. 

Overall, "The Power of Unwavering Focus" is a comprehensive and practical guide to developing a stronger, more focused mindset. Whether you're looking to achieve your career goals, improve your relationships, or simply live a more fulfilling life, this book offers valuable insights and techniques to help you get there. 

As Project Managers we are constantly pulled from all corners to decide on deliverables and support the team and listen to the stakeholders. A focus time is crucial to clear the path to success. 

At the start of a project, focus is needed to align all stakeholders and ensure a good understanding of where the project is leading to. This is in the Charter, Scope Statement, project description. 

With the focus and the end in mind, the project is already heading to the right direction. Stakeholders know more about what to expect in the grand scheme of things, and the team has a roadmap showing them the valuable and priorities of the project. 

If we look at the major activities of a Project Manager, you find the principle recurring motions are/ 

- Bring Focus 

- Breakdown in clear manageable pieces 

- Organize, schedule, and prioritize for good control. 

- Communicate appropriately. 

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With these points of focus, the Project Manager needs to understand that it will be the exercise of developing a habit to get all these skills into one package for great management. 

The principles of Unwavering Focus that Dandapani teaches can be valuable to a project manager in several ways: 

1. Developing concentration: As a project manager, it's important to be able to focus your attention on the task at hand and avoid distractions. Dandapani teaches techniques for improving concentration and training your mind to stay focused. 


2. Managing energy: Project managers often must deal with tight deadlines and high-pressure situations, which can be mentally and physically exhausting. Dandapani's teachings on managing energy can help project managers learn how to stay calm and centered in stressful situations and avoid burnout. 


3. Cultivating self-awareness: Dandapani emphasizes the importance of understanding your own mind and how it works. By developing self-awareness, project managers can identify their strengths and weaknesses and learn how to work with their own tendencies to be more effective in their roles. 


4. Communicating effectively: Project managers are responsible for communicating with stakeholders, team members, and other stakeholders involved in the project. Dandapani teaches techniques for improving communication skills, including active listening and effective verbal and non-verbal communication. 


Overall, Unwavering Focus can help project managers become more effective leaders by developing the skills and mindset necessary to stay focused, manage stress, and communicate effectively. 

Few lessons from the book: 

1. The power of concentration: eliminate distractions. 

2. The role of the mind: the mind is a muscle that can be trained. Control your mind. 

3. Understanding energy: Your energy is finite and must be managed wisely. 

4. Setting clear intentions: To achieve your goals, you must be clear and specific. 

5. Building willpower: Willpower is a key ingredient in achieving success. 

6. The power of self-awareness: To achieve true success, you must understand yourself. 


Overall, the book teaches valuable lessons on how to cultivate a focused and clear mind, manage your energy, and achieve your goals through intentional and disciplined action. 

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"The Unwavering Focus: How to Beat Distractions and Cultivate the Mind of a Warrior" by Dandapani is a powerful guide for anyone seeking to develop focus, concentration, and clarity of mind. Through his own personal journey and years of experience as a Hindu priest, entrepreneur, and speaker, Dandapani shares valuable insights and techniques for achieving success in any area of life. 

Do not be scared or confused. Dandapani is a very capitalist entrepreneur, but he takes the matter of focus seriously that he even created a business around it. In his talk with Google, he mentions that money is needed to do good in this world; therefore, generating money from his business is to provide enough monetary support needed for the other nonprofit projects he has his focus on. 

The book emphasizes the importance of concentration as the foundation of all mental abilities. To achieve success, we must learn how to focus our minds and eliminate distractions. Dandapani teaches techniques for developing concentration, including mindfulness, breath control, and visualization. He also emphasizes the role of the mind in achieving success, and how our thoughts and beliefs can either empower or limit us. 

All the teachings he shares are related to develop a habit. You have to hone the skills by practicing and daring to learn throughout the journey of discovery and mistakes. 

Dandapani's teachings also highlight the importance of managing our energy wisely. Our energy is finite, and we must learn how to conserve and direct it effectively. He teaches techniques for managing energy, including meditation, breath control, and physical exercise. 

Another key lesson from the book is the power of setting clear intentions. To achieve our goals, we must have a clear and specific vision of what we want to achieve. 

He emphasizes the importance of building willpower and self-discipline. To achieve success, we must learn how to overcome our own limitations and push through challenges with a positive attitude. 

One of the most important lessons from the book is the power of self-awareness. You are the key and the enemy. By Knowing yourself and your limitations, you can apply the right habits. 

Overall, "The Unwavering Focus" is a powerful guide for anyone seeking to achieve success in any area of life by focusing on the now and by anyone seeking to live a more intentional and purposeful life. 

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